Aims and Objectives

Vision, Mission and Aims:

Vision: To enable all persons residing in the Wakefield and District with a hearing impairment to live fulfilling and independent lives through provision of services, information and support; also to have access to social and recreational facilities, information and technology, to improve quality of life and to maximize a deaf person’s ability to function independently.

Mission: The Charity’s mission is to continue to review services to ensure they meet the changing needs of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people.

Aims: To promote the general welfare of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people and to co-operate with other organisations having similar objects and aims.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To provide a social and sports club and activities.
  • To provide equipment and information to reduce risk, prevent isolation, Improve quality of life and well-being.
  • To enable deaf people to access information from appropriate services / agencies by signposting and providing support where needed.
  • To provide support with mail translations & correspondence e.g. utilities, housing and benefit issues.
  • To provide support with booking of interpreters and appointments ensuring communication support is provided by the services signposted to.
  • Work closely with Family Services Sensory Impairment Team.
  • To ensure deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people’s views and concerns are addressed by service providers and to participate more effectively in planning services.
  • Provide direct input into a range of strategic initiatives and partnership bodies to ensure the needs of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people are taken into account.
  • Promote User accessible services and facilities within WMDC.
  • Provide an information service to members of the public, voluntary, private and statutory organisations, about hearing impairment and deaf related issues.
  • To network with other organisations having similar aims and objectives.
  • To promote healthier lifestyles and to work closely with Health professionals to improve the general health and wellbeing of deaf people.
  • Build a resource of health information in accessible format.
  • To develop a befriending service
  • Provide training, development and support, including provision of specific training to meet the needs of organisations and short course training events.
  • Provide a work club to assist and support deaf job-seekers to improve employment chances and help to overcome some of the barriers faced by deaf job-seekers.
  • Employ staff & volunteers with direct or personal experience of deafness