Communication Access Passport + Deaf Card

The Communication Access Passport + Deaf card

Wakefield Deaf User Partnership (WDUP) has developed a Communication Access Passport (CAP).

Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has endorsed this development. Once the form is filled in take it to your healthcare appointment. The CAP will provide useful information for you to share with health professionals, such as type of communication you need, whether hearing aids are used or not, medical condition, allergies; and a contact  person in  the case  of emergency etc.  The CAP  aims  to  ensure that your communication needs are recorded and shared where needed with other healthcare professionals; the CAP gives consent to share.

This means that if you request a British Sign Language Interpreter or a lip-speaker etc. to  attend a medical appointment then the doctor should tell other medical professionals if you are referred.  We are hopeful that in time there should be no need to ring and ask if an interpreter is booked for your medical appointment; it should be booked automatically because this information is in your notes. The CAP will work alongside a wallet sized deaf card that the deaf person can show to health & social care providers to request communication support.

Deaf card

Communication Access Passport 

If you have difficulty printing the leaflet / deaf card or would like help to fill it in call in to the centre or contact us during office hours.