Equipment for Deaf People

Television Loop Systems: p03-loop

Used with a hearing aid set on the “T” position. A loop system cuts down background noise and reduces the volume of the television thus enabling hearing aids user to listen to the television without causing distress to another member of the family or neighbour.


p06-255-031-tv2500Portable TV Aids or Communication Aids:
There is a range of portable aids that can be used with or without a hearing aid to assist hearing the TV or conversation. p06-255-032-tv2510nl-01




In today’s market of technology choosing a telephone that is suitable to someone who is hard of hearing can be difficult.

A telephone with amplification as well as inductive coupler may make the conversation easier to follow.

Inductive couplers in the handset used in conjunction with the hearing aid set to “T” can make a telephone conversation easier. If the hearing aid whistles when the telephone handset is placed near your ear switch to ‘T’ this may stop the feedback experienced. Moving the handset around near the body of the hearing aid can also help to detect better sound or volume when the hearing aid is used on ‘T’. Or try placing the handset near the microphone of the hearing aid.

A good quality cordless telephone with speaker bt-8500-home-phone-590x3501method and a volume that can be increased can be held near to the ear but not resting on the ear can also make a telephone conversation easier to follow.

Text Phones are a telephone device that can be used text to text (typing) or with voice tot303_uniphone_1150_-11 receive text (speech that cannot be heard) they are suitable for individuals that are unable to use standard telephone with amplification and or inductive coupler.

Next Generation Text Lite App

The NGT Lite app is an app that you run on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You use the app with a phone call to make text calls through the NGT Service.

The NGT Lite works together with your home or mobile phone through a broadband or Wi-Fi connection. NGT allows you to make all types of calls. You can speak and read or by using NGT Lite you can communicate using text direct with the other people if they have the app or a textphone, or if they don’t a text relay assistant will be connected automatically to relay your call.

Flashing/Extra loud doorbell:


There is a variety of doorbells to suit individual needs. Ranging from portable chime/flash, vibration or  house lights to flash.


Alarm clocks

  p45-230-310 Alarm clocks that vibrate or flash or a combination of both are guaranteed to wake the heaviest of sleepers.

Smoke alarms8701

Fire safety is very important. We work in partnership with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service. Our staff has received training in conducting a fire risk assessment, fire safety and in siting of smoke detectors.

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