It is believed that the society was originally founded in 1876 as the Wakefield Deaf & Dumb Society and re-established in 1901. We are most probably one of the oldest charities in Wakefield. Unfortunately much of our history has been lost over the years due to trustees moving on and refurbishment of the building we occupy.

deafclubchapelIn July 2000 the constitution was adopted to drop the word dumb and bring the constitution up to date with today’s political jargon.

Wakefield & District Society for Deaf People as it is now known occupies a property in a high-class area in Wakefield. The building was built in 1792 and is an old Georgian house, it became a listed building in July 1953.

Originally the meetings were held in a YMCA room and research shows the society entered into a mortgage agreement for 7 South Parade in 1921.

The Charity’s objects are to promote the general welfare of Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Deafened, Hard of Hearing people and co-operate with other organisations having similar objects and aims.

Missionaries lived at the premise until late 60’s and Welfare officers were responsible for deaf people and the building.

In 1999 the society appointed its first deaf chairperson. The society is managed by a mixture of Deaf and Hearing Board of Trustees.