Equipment service

Equipment / Technical Aids

A Technical Aid is a piece of equipment that can improve independence, access to the home, and well-being.

For example, a loop system may engage someone in a conversation or assist them to hear the television, thus improving the well-being of an individual. A flashing doorbell may encourage someone to be independent and deters reliance on others, smoke alarm designed to meet the needs of people with hearing impairments could actually save lives.

How do I access the service?

If you are Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Hard of Hearing and are experiencing difficulties associated with your deafness you are entitled to an assessment. To request an assessment you can either contact the Society or Social Care Direct, in either case you will be asked some questions about how your deafness and or other disabilities effect your daily living. (This helps us to prioritise our work based on the information you provide).

When the referral is processed an appointment will then be made and an officer will discuss your needs and, where possible, offer a solution to your difficulties. This may be a technical aid (equipment) and or information. Or we may sign post you to another organisation that may be able to offer a solution if we can’t.

Technical aids can be loaned free of charge to an assessed need for as long as they are needed providing you meet the criteria.